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Time For Uncompromising Elegance

Ask Emil Skovgaard is accredited in the international arena for producing furniture of exceptional excellence. His work is distinguished by its uncompromising elegance, beauty and craftsmanship.
Quality is a key concept. For Skovgaard, quality encompasses everything from the overall technical challenges of the craft, down to the smallest detail. But quality also embraces the very special feeling of owning or experiencing something unique that has its own unique story.

Exclusive Furniture That Is Worth Talking About

Skovgaard offers to design and build handmade furniture for home and business. The furniture is exclusive, durable and of course admirable in terms of function and appearance.
By owning a unique piece of furniture designed and hand made by Ask Emil Skovgaard, your home or business interior will undoubtedly be noticed and commented on by family, friends and business associates.

The First Meeting With The Furniture Artist

If you are considering investing in a new exclusive piece of furniture, don’t hesitate to speak to Ask Emil Skovgaard in person. You will experience working with him and his professional team as a structured journey from initial idea to the final result.
At the initial meeting, he will establish expectations and plan the process from first draft to finished product. Call or email him for an appointment.

Worth Waiting For

All the unique furniture made by Ask Emil Skovgaard is hand built in his workshop in Valby, Copenhagen. He does not choose the quick, simple solutions. In fact, he would rather go the extra mile in order to deliver a truly unique piece of furniture that is in a exclusive league of its own.

Good things are worth waiting for. Therefore, Skovgaard’s lead time may range from one to six months, depending on the complexity of the commission and the country of destination.

Skovgaard Is Available

Call or write to Ask Emil Skovgaard for further information. He will do his best to answer your inquiry satisfactorily. Any discussions will, of course, be held in confidence.


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